Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up

So I found out this week that I am not good at working 60+ hours a week. I thought I was going to die or kill myself, one or the other. That being said I didn't quite have enough time to bake. Although I did have time to have a drink when I got home before passing out from utter exhaustion.

Got my first Birchbox this week. I signed up late in the month so this is February's box. It's $10 a month and they send you beauty samples to try.

This box had Beauty Protector - Protect & Oil, Dr. Brandt - Pores No More - Pore Refiner, Joan Vass - L'eau de Cristal, OPI - Sheer Tints in Don't Violet Me Down, and a couple of Harney & Sons Fine Teas.

Haven't gotten a chance to try them out yet, but will let you know if it's something I can't live without.

Every Sunday as the sun starts to go down I start getting that uneasy feeling thinking about how soon my weekend is going to be over, and then I realize that The Walking Dead is about to come on! I am so glad it airs on Sunday night or it wouldn't have anything to keep it from sucking. Maybe it's the thought of facing a zombie apocalypse that makes facing the work week not so bad.

Had a friend come and stay with us this weekend from out of town and got to enjoy some time catching up, drinking, and eating. We ended up making some pulled pork tacos and skillet pizzas and a few cocktails. We made cherry old fashioned cocktails and this moonshine cocktail, where we saw on all places, bar rescue.

One of my girlfriends was sweet enough to send me this cute little cookbook. I can't wait to try out some of the recipes. I think she deserves some cookies for thinking of me.

Hopefully in the coming week I will have a little more free time to bake and experiment. I hope you all have a good week!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up

For the month of February I vowed to get more organized. I wanted to feel better, eat better, exercise more frequently, and for the most part I have been sticking to it. I've been making lists and writing everything down and even created a little inspiration board on Pinterest to look at when I was feeling less motivated. Then the other half went out of town this week and it's like leaving a teenager at home alone. Happy hours and take out are not good for my healthy, organized self.

Digging this beer brewed with dandelion from Magic Hat. I'm also a big fan of their #9.

Been catching up on House of Cards this week. Oh my lawd it's hard to stop. Watched 3 episodes in a row today before making myself turn it off.

I started reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain and oh man, is he a great story teller. My first job and all through my twenties I was working in the restaurant and bar industry. I love his view on food.

I made these Bloody Hell cocktails from the Beeroness. Blood oranges, bourbon, jalapeƱos, and beer. What?! So good!!

Also made some skillet pizzas. Love this method!! Learned from How Sweet It Is, I made pulled pork and pineapple, but tried the original recipe first, which was brussel sprouts and bacon. Holy yum!

I posted Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake on the blog this week. I got from an old 70's home town cookbook.

I started running again this week and I want to work on gaining some mileage. Work is going to be extremely stressful this coming week, software upgrade, so I plan on hitting the gym to clear my mind.

Hope you all have a great week!


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