About Me

Hello friends!

I’m Kristin, and I love to bake…Welcome to my blog, Bake Something. :)

I reside in sunny San Antonio beautiful Portland OR with my other half, Alex. We both have a deep rooted love of food which keeps us cooking, baking, experimenting, and even brewing our own beer. We love to travel and we love to eat so we try to do both as much as possible. I work in the banking industry but if I could quit my job and bake all day I totally would.

I am constantly struggling with the balance of a healthy lifestyle and the ginormous sweet tooth that I have. I try to set goals to get me motivated. Last year I was able to run my first half marathon.

I love making new friends, please feel free to send me a note, I’ll answer you…


  1. enjoyed reading your blog, hope you will keep in touch!



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