Sunday, June 29, 2014

Missing in action, but I have a good excuse....

I have to apologize for my recent absence. I promise, I have a good excuse….

I moved! The other half and I picked up and moved to Portland, OR. We were tired of the heat in San Antonio and were looking for a change so we took the plunge. Luckily, his company transferred us here and now we have an incredible new city to explore.

We took our time driving up here and made a little trip out of it. We saw so many beautiful places on the way.

We spent our first night in New Mexico, visiting family, and eating Mexican food.

Our second night was spent in Arizona, where we visited the Petrified Forest, the gorgeous city of Sedona, and of course the breathtaking Grand Canyon.

We ended up staying one night in Vegas! Cause who could blame us? I may or may not have had a few cocktails in that picture.

The next day ended in Lake Tahoe, which is beautiful, but the casinos there, the other half and I both agreed, is like old people Vegas. Which is not bad cause I don't think you would really go there for the casinos, it's just like a perk. I'd love to go back in winter though because I bet it would be amazing.

Then on the last leg of our trip we had to stop at Crater Lake in OR. Wow! It was beautiful.  BUT. OMG the hugest mosquitos I have ever seen in my entire life. Like dinosaur mosquitos...and it wasn't just one or two...the other half turned around and there was like 20 hanging off the back of his shirt. Needless to say we enjoyed the rest of the views from inside the car.

It was a wonderful, fun, exciting trip and now we are super excited to be in Portland. 

So stay tuned....yummy treats will be coming soon! 

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