Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nutella Cookies

So I received a little promotion at work and it’s my last week in my current department. So we (I) am celebrating this week. I ended up going to happy hour this evening after work and decided to indulge in much deserved beer and happy hour food which included fried pickles. I love them! Afterward, I get home to my empty apartment (the other half is at work) and decided I want to bake something! So what is super easy, fast, with the fewest ingredients so I can get my tipsy sweet fix? Oh yeah, those nutella cookies I read about on Lemon Drop! Two ingredients and I don’t have to operate heavy machinery, perfect!! 

As I write this, they are in the oven and they smell A-MAZING! So chocolaty! Now they spread quite a bit so make sure and space them about 2” apart. 

OMG! (I don’t even say OMG and I’m saying OMG) How in the world can two ingredients taste so good!? This one is too easy for you not to try! 

About 15 minutes later I’m eating these incredibly chocolaty, chewy, fudgy cookies. They are so good warm right out of the oven. Awesome! Thank you Linda for posting this recipe! 

Nutella Cookies (Even easy when you’re tipsy)

1 cup Nutella
1 egg

Preheat oven to 350F

Line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper

Whisk together Nutella and egg until fully combined

With a cookie scoop or teaspoon, drop small dollops of batter onto prepared cookie sheets leaving 2 inches space between each one

Bake 8-10 minutes. I baked mine for 10 min because I liked a crispier cookie.

Let cool on rack 5 minutes then transfer cookies to cooling rack.

Found this one on Lemon Drop.

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